Terms & Conditions(Please read carefully)

You must agree to these terms & conditions to apply to this contest. Applicants are understood to have agreed to these terms & conditions upon applying to the contest.

  • The copyright and related rights of submitted videos, including rights to use the likeness of recorded person(s) must belong to the applicant. However, the executing agency may use the videos or images free of charge for the purposes stated below.
  • To publish videos uploaded to YouTube and TikTok on a specially-prepared website.
  • To use in any advertisement, notice, results announcement, or other purpose as they relate to television, magazines, and various social media websites. In those cases, subtitles may be added, videos may be consolidated, or other forms of editing may be used as necessary.
  • Other use as it relates to the contest
  • Do not submit any material created by another person. This includes but is not limited to videos, music, pictures, illustrations, images of company/product names, images of people taken without permission, or videos and images that are deemed indecent or morally objectionable.
  • If the subject in a video is not the applicant, or the applicant differs from the originator of the work, it is understood that these terms & conditions apply to all subjects/persons as well as the applicant.
  • Entries that are found to violate these terms and conditions, or are determined by the contest's executing agency not to be suitable may have their entries withdrawn, nominations invalidated and/or awards revoked.
  • These terms & conditions are subject to change without notice. In addition, depending on the operation circumstances and/or any unforeseen circumstances, this contest may be canceled with advanced notice on the website.
  • If any complaint is received regarding a posted video, the applicant will resolve the situation at his/her own risk and expense, and will pay any damages that may have been incurred to the executing agency.
  • The executing agency will not be held responsible for any damages occured as the result of any entry submitted by the applicant, except in cases of gross negligence by the executing agency.
  • Personal information collected at the time of application is stringently handled by the main administrator in accordance with KADOKAWA's Privacy Policy and will not be used for purposes other than for management and implementation of the contest or for contacting applicants. Your information will not be disclosed to any third party without consent, except for when it is necessary for implementation of the contest.
  • The operation of this contest as well as the adoption and interpretation of this agreement shall be governed by Japanese Law. Furthermore, the applicant agrees that any litigation or dispute that might arise out of or in connection with this contest or agreement shall first be administered exclusively by the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court.
  • Minors must obtain consent from a parent or guardian.
  • Applicants are responsible for any communication charges or production costs incurred while entering this contest.
  • Rights to an award cannot be transferred, sold, or exchanged for monetary value.
  • Browsing the website and entering the contest can only be done on a PC or smartphone.
  • Deleting your entry from YouTube or TikTok will result in your application's disqualification. Please do not delete your entry until the announcement of the results.